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Job Title: Administrator

Working at Solano: 3.75 years.

About Fr. Duy’s family: There are 7 of us.  My parents and 4 younger sisters.  I am the oldest and only boy.

Hometown and Education: I was born in Portland, Oregon but was raised mostly in Orange County.  I graduated CSUF with a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems.  I later went to the seminary in Menlo Park, CA at St. Patrick's Seminary.

Favorite part of being Catholic: I love how much God loves me and the people I can share that with.

Hobbies: I love playing and watching sports (basketball, volleyball, football, bowling, golf).  I love watching movies, eating, and playing video games.

Favorite food: Hamburgers (In-N-Out).

Favorite type of music: Anything Boys II Men or Bruno Mars.

Fun fact: I used to be in a break dancing crew. I worked in Japan for a few months.  I delivered soda to movie stars in Hollywood.

Dream for Solano: My dream for Solano is for everyone to feel like they belong and know they are loved by Jesus.