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 About Patty



Job Title: Sunday Receptionist

Working at Solano: 10 months

Favorite part about job: Interacting with the parishioners.

About Patty’s family: I was raised in a strict but fun-loving Irish Catholic family. I have been widowed 15 years and have 2 rescue dogs that reside with me. I love the growing sense of community I have found at San Francisco Solano.

Hometown: I grew up in Santa Ana, 2 blocks from St. Barbara's Church.  Dad sang in the choir and Mom was the first parish secretary..

Favorite part of being Catholic: I love our devotion to the Holy Eucharist and the fact we practice mass in the same way the 12 Apostles taught us.

Hobbies: I play pickleball 6 days a week.  In my spare time I tutor elementary students, serve the hungry programs, and read fiction.

Favorite Food: Sloppy Joe's.  My mother's recipe required 1 can of Campbell's tomato soup and 1 of chicken gumbo. Sadly, Campbell's changed the recipe for gumbo so I am unable to recreate my favorite dish.

Favorite Song: On Eagle's Wings

Fun Fact: 1- I was one of the kids on Art Linkletter's "Kids Say the Darndest Things." 2- I won a  radio concert to be a DJ with Charlie Tuna. My passion for animals, from handling wolves to hand feeding penguins, provides me with hours of stories to exchange with those who share my passion.

Dream for Solano: I dream that all who enter our church leave feeling touched with God's love and that they meet are their brothers and sisters in Christ.