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 About Patty



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Job Title: YFF Receptionist and Spanish translator

Working at Solano: 3 Years

Favorite part about job: Helping parishioners to have a good and easy experience when they came to our office.

About Patty’s family: We are a family of 4 and we have different backgrounds--our Catholic faith is what we all have in common. I have my husband Marc, my son Kevin, and my daughter Emily. I have been a parishioner for over 20 years.

Hometown: I was born in Colombia, South America, I studied in a Catholic school.

Favorite part of being Catholic: I love the structure that my Catholic faith has given me--

This structure has been my main support throughout my life and to pass it down to my kids.

Hobbies: My hobbies are mostly help people in need, in my free time I like to talk to my kids.

Favorite Food: Chinese and Vietnamese food

Favorite Song: I love music, I have a lots of favorite songs in English and Spanish.

Fun Fact: I know all the lyrics of Shakira’s songs, I have traveled to Europe, Central America, and Australia.

Dream for Solano: My dream for Solano is to see my Catholic community grow in faith and to bring more people to our church.