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Job Title: Communications Coordinator

Working at Solano: Started Communications job December of 2018, but I worked in the elementary program for 4 years--I will always enjoy working with kids!

Hometown and Education: I have grown up in Orange County, California my whole life and am currently studying Communications at CSUF.

Favorite part of being Catholic: I love that no matter what happens, the Catholic church stands strong through the times. Jesus himself founded our church and no one else can say that.

Hobbies: I love to do photography as a hobby and side job. I also enjoy playing/listening to music, teaching guitar, hanging out with my friends, and walking my dog.

Favorite food: I love ramen, sushi, and Thai food!

Favorite type of music: I grew up listening to 90’s R&B so I always love that, but I also enjoy alternative.

Fun fact: I know all of the lyrics to Rapper's Delight (yes all 7 minutes).

Dream for Solano:  To provide a place for people to feel welcomed, safe, and where they can find the truth in the ever-changing society we live in.  My dream is that our church is a community where people feel at home.