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 About Chloe



Job Title: Sunday Receptionist

Working at Solano: I just started!

Favorite part about job: I have the privilege to work in an environment that values the same thing that I do which is our Catholic faith. I also love being able to welcome anyone who wants to join the faith.

About Chloe’s family: I always love saying I’ve got double the amount of love in my family because I have my mom, dad, and two stepparents. I also have a half-sister named Zoe (yes our names rhyme). My family is absolutely amazing and I thank God everyday for the abundance He has given me.

Hometown: I grew up in the hustle and bustle of the big city, Mission Viejo, which I love very much. I went to Santa Margarita Catholic High School and now I’m currently studying Communications at Cal State Fullerton!

Favorite part of being Catholic: I love being Catholic because it’s truly a gift from God. A church that has lasted for so long and has stood through so many years and yet it’s still rooted in the same morals and values that I cherish. It’s exactly where Christ draws me to.

Hobbies: My hobbies include: reading really, REALLY cheesy romance novels, watching random youtube compilation videos, hanging out with pals, eating snacks when I’m not even hungry, or playing with my dog/cat/chicken, Eli.

Favorite food: If I could eat sushi everyday without getting mercury poisoning, I would.

Favorite song: I have a ton of favorite songs, but my all time favorites switch between More Than You Know by Billie Holiday OR Prince of Peace (the live version obviously) by Hillsong United.

Fun fact: A fun fact about me is that I drive a blue Prius named Wesley and he’s a good ole pal of mine.

Dream for Solano: My dream for Solano is growth. I want people to go to Solano not because it’s cool or because it’s an obligation but because they want more to life than what’s on Earth.