About Nelson



Job Title: Maintenance Staff

Working at Solano: 16 years

Favorite part about job: To interact with the parishioners and be able to serve and help them.

About Nelson’s family: My wife is named Karla and my only son is Nelson Jr. He is studying business at University of Riverside.

Hometown: I grew up in a small town in Mexico, then in my teenage years I moved to California.

Favorite part of being Catholic: I was raised Catholic and I served the church as an altar server from the age of 8 until I moved to California. What I liked the most from that age and even until now is that we get to receive Jesus Christ’s body and blood.

Hobbies: In my free time I like to go shopping and visit the family.

Favorite food: I like all kinds but my favorite food is Mexican food.

Favorite type of music: Jazz.

Fun fact: I am always eating and I don’t gain any weight--you can ask Deacon Carl :)